About: a simple pygtk+2 programm for finding paths in metro(subway) maps. Maps for Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, London and Berlin are included, others can be downloaded from http://pmetro.info/Maps.html

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Download: metromap-0.1.4.tar.bz2 (3Mb)

Changelog for v0.1.4:
+ Now works with Python 2.7+
+ Updated Moscow, Peterburg and Kiev maps

Changelog for v0.1.3:
+ Display info about ground transport
+ Maemo support (thanks to Unatine <unatine@gmail.com>)
+ Do not display 3d image file name in station info (useless)
+ Make interface widgets insensitive while reading/calculating map
+ Fixed time delta setting
+ In one button mode allow selecting already selected station
+ New map format support
+ Bug fixes

Changelog for v0.1.2:
+ Use cairo for drawing
+ Cache rendered map images
+ "One button" mode. Useful for pda's with stylus

Changelog for v0.1.2pre3:
+ Display additional information for stations (if available in data file)
+ use unicode() instead of setlocale() for data charset detection (thanks to Andrey Tatarinov)
+ Support "new" file format (Metro.map/Metro.trp instead of Metro.ini)

Changelog for v0.1.1:
+ Locale fixes/workarounds/hacks
+ "Compact" mode
+ "Time delta" now configurable from UI
+ Ability to disable/enable transfers
+ Added "Help" window
+ Added "right-click menu"
+ Zoom

Changelog for v0.1.0:
+ "Internal" map renderer, no need for map picture anymore (plain gtk+. No curves. No antialiasing. But better than nothing =/)
+ Fixed map reading for maps that dont have any "transfers" and/or "additional nodes"
+ Added support for "new" version of maps. (Moscow vector, f.e.)
+ Map can be scrolled by pressing any mouse button and moving mouse around
+ Maps no longer needs to be unzipped. (.pmz and .pmz inside .zip is OK)
+ Now searching for maps not only in "DATAPATH" but also in ~/.metromap/
+ Added workaround for maps that dont have "driving times" for all stations
+ Move focus to "to:" selection, when "from" station selected from keyboard. (and vice versa)

Changelog for v0.0.9:
+ Added day/night selection (affects train waiting times)
+ Implemented correct parsing of "complex" lines (found in London, Berlin and, partialy, Moscow maps)
+ Rewrote ini parsing with ConfigParser (as sugested by some anonymous on lor, so this "smart" guy wont call me "nonprofessional" =) (actualy it is done because of aforesaid change)
+ Fix path finding algorithm to really find all pathes in given "time delta" length
+ Speedup path finding algorithm
+ Maps for London and Berlin added to distribution because pMetro site contains those data files without map images and metromap cannot draw maps

Contact: dfo at antex dot ru